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Cumulative Data
You Can Sort

The paid membership for Mina Metrics allows you to collect and track discipleship data for your small, group, Bible study, church, leadership team, or Christian school. Once the people in your organization take the survey, you can view and sort all of the data to better understand the discipleship needs. It is simple to understand the discipleship dynamics of your people by sorting based on campus, gender, age, ethnicity, category, question, and score. Create and save custom reports for every ministry or group. See exceptionally low scores in the "Low Score Report" to examine any immediate needs among your people. We have tried to save you hours of pouring over spreadsheets to make decisions and shepherd souls.

sorting discipleship data
customization options for organizations

Customization That Is White Label

Our goal is to provide a tool that enables you to make disciples. We have chosen resources that make Mina easy to use, as-is. However, membership accounts can edit all outgoing emails with personalized content you have created. Emails can be edited to look and feel like they are coming from you, with your colors and logo. You can add custom categories and questions to dive deeper into other areas you need to explore. Your assigned admins can also send resources you have chosen with authors, theology,  and content you trust. Mina was created to enable discipleship not control it. Mina is here to serve you as you serve Jesus.

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